Our life is so bright, coloured and different, that sometimes it is vwey difficult to find a definition.
Many years ago a musician Andrey Makarevich wrote about white & black colour - he is an artist and in this combination he saw the variety of the life. On this page there are multicolours of our motley big and nice world I saw.

White rose
Yellow rose
Red rose
Green wheaten
Lilac Dutch
Ginger sea-buckthorn
White snowy
Green Dutch
Moscow evening
Gold Venetian
Azure celestial
Gray Altaian
Rose Altaian
Foggy Venetian
Goldish Shukhovsky
Moon-light Venetian
Pure gold Altaian
Azure Florentine
Gold marine
Winter mushroom
Black-gold Florentin
Foggy Moscow
Rainy Moscow
Rose sunset
Greek morning

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