I like Turkey. There is everthing for body and soul, wonderful entertainment, travel, history and very beautiful places. Here I give some impressions. The pictures were choosen exclusively for color. I wanted to show the variety of this splendid shore of the White Sea - it's the name of Mediterranean in turkish. In fact in the morning and evening it is really white and merges with the sky.
Seems like a Greek hall
Wanna have a ride?
I am on lunch brake
A smooth water
Jeep safari
Demre - people were living in that way
Also pirates must have a rest
It's not a Capakabana, but nevertheless...
A native trade
Seems like Tunisia or Morocco but it's rather Turkey
Waterfalls almost in the center of Antalia
They practise shamanism - it means we'll eat something good
May the Lord help you
Moon path
A quiet bay
A blast

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